Friday, May 25, 2018

Ashoka pillar-symbol of power, courage, pride, truthfulness & confidence

Ashoka pillar (Stambha) stands as a symbol of power, courage, pride, truthfulness & confidence.

It has been highly recommended for the business people and executives who seek co-ordination from the government organization for their trade & profession. It is a great symbol of successful execution of work associated with government agencies.
When placed in south-west zone of a owner or executive cabin, it helps in generating good support & good business from government sponsored programmes.
Those who are in job with government organization can place ashoka pillar in north zone of their desk.
Excellent supportive symbol for politicians when displayed in east zone of their offices.
It may be helpful in speeding up slow process of applications, tenders etc. 

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Virtual Vastu Door

Virtual Vastu Door- Correction for wrong location of main door

All energy enters into your space  through the front door or main entrance. Location of main door  influence your physical and mental health, financial success and relationships. A negatively placed door can harm your fortune and success.
Virtual door is an alternate door if your main door falls towards inauspicious direction. 
A simple installation- just paste 27 vastu pyramid grid on positive door directions in size of 7 ft (height) x 3 ft (width).

Virutal Main Door           Type of pyramid
North                                Gold plated vastu pyramid 
West                                 Silver plated vastu pyramid
East                                  Copper plated vastu pyramid
South                                Lead metal pyramids

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Vastu Strip Copper Pyramid Divider- 5 inch-Vastu Partition

Vastu Strip Copper Pyramid Divider- 5 inch-Vastu Partition

Material - Copper
Weight - 54gm apxm
( L X W X H ) - 1.7cm X 13cm X 1cm apxm
Pyramid divider is used for correcing vastu or feng shui defects

If you have kitchen and toilet facing each other , pyramid divider can be placed at each entrance of both location. It will work as a partition. 

  • Any extended corner can be rectified by cutting of with copper pyramid divider. Use pyramid divider to cut off extended plot, extended house or factory, a simple but effective vastu remedy

  • It can be used to cut off any negative objects facing your door 
  • Toilet at wrong side can be cut off with the pyramid divider (to cut off negative energy)

Easy Vastu remedy without breaking 
You can install 3 or in multiple of 3 for better result.
For larger area , you can joined the strip with copper wire and connect with each other
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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Vastu Defects
Type of defect Effects Remedies
Kitchen at North-East Corner Major health issue 3 Vastu Helix,
vastu water Pyramid
3 Zinc Pyramid
Vastu paintings
Kitchen at South-west Corner Major female health issue 3 Lead Pyramid with lead block
3 Lead helix
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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Crystals with prayer cards (your personal companion)

Crystals with prayer cards 
prayer card
prayer card

Crystals with Prayer cards for prosperity, student, health & relationship
Prayer crystals-4 in jute bag
Prayer cards-4

Prayer has power to enrich a life in every aspect of life. It becomes a communication channel between  ourselves and god. Prayer done in a systematic way is highly effective and gives instant result. Every religion  shows importance of prayer, It works as a shield during the period of crises. It gives immense benefit when continuity of prayer is maintained.  
Prayer Cards:-
1. Prosperity Prayer Card
2. Relationship Prayer Card
3. Student Prayer Card
4. Health Prayer Card

Prosperity Prayer Card
Pray with Pyrite crystal (Known as a money magnet) 
Relationship Prayer Card
Pray with Rose quartz  crystal (Known as a stone of personal relationship, love, marriage, family harmony ) 
Student Prayer Card
Pray with fluorite  crystal (Known as a stone of concentration, memory & confidence) 
Health Prayer Card
Pray with green aventurine crystals (Known as a  healing stone) 

How to use -Place crystal on your left hand by reading a related prayer twice in a day, preferably early in the morning and before going to the bed.

Perfect gift on any occasion like birthday, anniversary etc.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Crystal tortoise

Crystal tortoise is highly useful  for those seeking to enhance career luck, longevity and health, wealth luck, family luck and education luck.

A tortoise is gifted with long life therefore it symbolizes longevity.
According to Feng shui ,the crystal tortoise will ensure you will never be lacked behind from his ultimate support. This item is especially good for collectors who likes feng shui symbols that could look elegant as well.
According to Feng Shui, tortoise is one of the four celestial animals (Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger and Tortoise). This is one of the greatest sign of longevity, stability, steadiness, good fortune, support and protection.
According to Lillian Too (the best selling author for Feng Shui books), tortoises are best placed in the north or at the back portion of the premise or home. They can be placed in your garden as well. 
Where to place:-
 Tortoise produces wonderful results to enhance career luck, longevity and health, wealth luck, family luck and education luck:
1. Place the object in the north zone of your house or home  at living area.
2. Place tortoise at your work desk or behind your back at your work place to enjoy regular promotion opportunities.
3. Feng Shui expert recommends to place the Tortoise in the east sector of your house to ensure your family being blessed with good health and longevity.
4. Tortoises can also be placed in aquariums or together with water features to tap good fortune and all the good benefits of tortoises. Tortoises can be placed on floor level.   
Above suggestions are based on chinese feng shui /vastu mythology.
Highly recommended feng shui /Vastu symbol 
Gift on any occassion.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Good Luck Copper Pyramid Horse Shoe

Good Luck Copper Pyramid Horse Shoe

 The crescent shape of the horseshoe can ward off the evil eye.
This good luck horse shoe is made with copper material having 3 pyramids on front side.
A wonderful charming horse shoe comes with a beautiful jute bag ideal for gifting.
Simply fix above the main door of your home or office to attract good luck.
If you are starting a new job, carry this wonderful good luck horse shoe for good start.
Excellent good luck tool for car and other commercial vehiclesamid, vastu pyramid, study pyramids are very popular amongst the pyramid followers.
 Whether it's for a friend, family member or special individual, this is also an ideal gift perfect for all sorts of occasions, including starting a new job, taking exams or  house warming, birthday gift

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