Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wealth Crystal Bag

Wealth Crystal Bag
Gift it to someone special

Abundance  &  Prosperity

Our bag of Wealth Crystals combines the most powerful crystals for money Citrine,  Aventurine  and Quartz Crystal. These crystals for wealth will fill your life with abundance and prosperous energies. 
Our bag of Wealth Crystals comes with 3 citrine rock, 3 natural quartz crystal and 3 green aventurine crystals.
 Properties of crystals:-
Citrine  brings abundance and helps to attract more financial opportunities
Green Aventurine  is one of the most powerful crystals known  for wealth. It is said ot be one of the luckiest crystals in the world. 
 Quartz Crystal   tunes your vibrations to the right thinking &  helps to bring positive  opportunities into your life.
Carry your Wealth Crystals in your personal bag or place them on your nightstand next side desk of  your bed.

Highly recommneded healing crystals by vastu, feng shui experts

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