Sunday, September 10, 2017

Camel Painting - Vastu & Feng Shui Canvas Print

Camel Painting - Vastu & Feng Shui Canvas Print

Beautiful  Camel Canvas Print

Size- 24 x 13 inches
Camel is known as a personal angel to the people, guiding them through exhausting venture and difficult journeys.
When you see a camel, it typically holds a message of Journey. Camel is being sent by heaven to help those who are going through difficult times travelling across deserts(symbolically tough time). It ensures that keen competitions, dirty politics, negative people and any other obstacles are being overcome so that you can move on to greater height in your life.
Camels can serve as perfect guide with incredibly skills.
Those who are looking to improve their overseas business or connection, painting of camel is an excellent art to display on the west wall of their home or offices.
People who desire to have a smooth life and avoid any potential problems in the future, display a camel in the prominent areas of your home such as your living room, dining room or meditation zone.
This is also perfect as a gift for any occasion
Above suggestions are based on chinese feng shui/vastu mythology
Highly recommended vastu- feng shui painting

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