Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lead Helix (Vastu Energy Helix)

Lead Helix (Vastu Energy Helix)

This helix is specially design to activate & balance the earth element of south west corner. Place this helix at south west corner.
Place this helix in the flooring or on the wall. This is one of the superb remedy for south west corner defect like south-west entrance, water body or kitchen at south west, lower level etc.
Similarly in business places location of entrance, fire placed at south west etc can be corrected by installing multiple lead energy helix in south west direction.
If you main door is at south west corner, simply fix this lead helix above the main door to balance the energy.
Location of master bed room other than south west can be corrected by placing lead helix at south west corner of the house
Any other defect related to south west can be corrected with installation of 3 or in multiple at affected location
It can be concealed in the floor or ceiling. In case of ready structure it can be hanged or nailed or placed on the floor

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