Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lead metal square block with Swastika - a great vastu remedy

Five great elements of vastu are reflected in certain earthly entitiles like plants, metals, gems as well as colours.
Lead is an auspicious metal to control the negative effect of the south west corner of any premises.

It is highly strong remedy recommended by vastu experts to control south west defects. 
Installation of Lead pyramids:- 
Install 3 lead blocks in the door plate at flooring , if you have entrance at south west corner of your house. 
Install or conceal 3 lead blocks around the outer wall of the toilet located at south west zone of the house or office. 
Place 9 lead blocks in south west zone if you have a lower level at south west part of the property. 
Kitchen at south west can be cured by placing 3 lead pyramid at southwest corner of the kitchen. 
Missing corner at south west corner can be cured by placing 3 blocks at wall or floor near the missing area. 

Borewell or water body can be cured by installing 3 or 9 lead blocks around the waterbody boundry. 

Size-2.5 inches
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