Friday, July 29, 2016

Petrified Wood pebbles for Earth energy

Petrified Wood pebbles in basket/Jute Bag-Stone of Earth energy
Petrified wood pebbles

Petrified wood is basically fossilized wood that has had it’s organic matter replaced by stone, step by step, as it decomposes. The wood structure is maintained, but the wood fibers are slowly transformed into stone.
It assists one in keeping pace with the day, keeping the hours from neither hurrying by or moving too slow one is therefore moving forward in a good and steady manner, helping one be more productive.
Petrified Wood is an excellent stone for masters & leaders, as it has endured the ravaging changes of time and become stronger.
Petrified wood is full of earth energy and hence wonderful grounding stone.
Petrified Wood helps in realizing the wisdom and lessons of the past.
Some people uses tumbled Petrified Wood when working with past life issues & , to open up to information from the cosmic Records.
Many use tumbled Petrified Wood when working on their own spiritual growth process.
Physically, tumbled Petrified Wood is said to help all types of healing, and especially any issues associated with age.
It is used to bring its very strong Earth power to your efforts to transform yourself into something stronger. Its Earth Energy is also useful in Feng Shui & vastu in efforts to enhance vitality and bring abundance to a space or room.

Position:-Carry a  petrified wood pebbles bag with you or Place petrified wood pebbles near your working area or near the bed side table.

Highly recommended by reiki and crystal healers, Vastu & Feng shui consultants

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