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Vastu Shastra Tips

Vastu Shastra Tips

  1. It is auspicious to have a main door  &  bed room door opening in clockwise manner.
  2. Anti clock door can be  corrected by installing 3 copper clockwisepyramid on the main door from the outside
  3. Always keep your name plate on main door. It helps you in bringing new opportunities. Fix copper pyramid chips behind the name plate for positive result.
  4. Always fix a marble or wooden threshold (umbra patti)below the main door. To make main door more auspicious, keep 3 door pyramid under the plate with gold, copper & silver coin. Install auspicious lakshmi charan on the door plate for money luck.
  5. In case of lift opposite the door, install vastu mangal above the main door.
  6. For  positive energy, hang vastu bell on the main door handle from inside.
  7. Marble elements in pair above the door helps to bring prosperity in the house.
Prayer Area (Temple)
  1. Temple should always be located in the north east corner of the house or office. Temple should be made in marble or wood. Avoid any dome/shikhar above the temple.
  2. Keep auspicious Meru shreeyantra in the  temple.
  3. In case of vastu defect (dosha) in the house, keep blessed vastu mahayantram in the north-east corner of the house. Also keep wish pyramid box for wish fulfillment.

  1. Seating arrangement in the living room  should be towards the south-west corner. Keep natural rock crystal at south west corner to enhance earth element.
  2. More window at north and east brings positive energy inside the house. Hang crystal in eastern window to attract positive flow of energy. In case, if you do not have window towards the east- keep image of sun  for symbolic correction. Place idol of lord kubera towards the north, if you have no window or door towards the north.
  3. According to vastu, kitchen in the south east indicates sound health and strong financial statues for the family. Kitchen at south west  and north east may invite many troubles for the family. For correction, install copper swastika on the wall behind the gas along with labradoritecrystal ball
  4. Sink in the kitchen at south-west or south-east brings stressful environment in the house. Fix wooden pyramid near the sink for relief.
  5. Toilet and kitchen facing each other could lead to health problems. Fix copper pyramid strip on the door of kitchen as well as on the toilet door frame.
  6. For life long prosperity, keep idol of goddess annapurna in the rice jar.
  7. Staircase should be placed in south and west part of the house. It obstructs the flow of positive energy, if placed in the east or north. Shift virtually the load by installing pyramid arrow on the staircase towards the desired direction.
  8. Photo of ancestor should be placed in south-west corner of living area.
  9. Keep the dining table in square or rectangular shape. Always face east, west or north while taking a meal.
  10. Always keep your head towards the south or east while sleeping. Never keep your head towards the north while sleeping.
  11. To generate positive energy, keep copper energy plate under the mattress.
  12. Mirror in the house should be kept on north or east wall only. It should not reflect a bed, toilet or main door.  Mirror on the west or south should be cured by fixing silver plated chips on four corner of the mirror.
  13. Your money box or safe should always open towards the north ( a direction of lord kubera). Keep image of my first billion near the cash box
  14. Keep yellow kaudi, gomti chakra, kuber yantra and seven mukhi rudraksha in the cash box.
  15. For better harmony between the couple, place pair of  rosequartz duck  at south west corner. You can also place a pair of rose quartz sphere at south west
  16. Children should face east while making their studies for better result.
  17. Keep education tower and 8 study crystal near the study desk. Amethyst pendant known as memory pendant can also be given to the child.
  18. Hang wind chime in the window at north-west  for better network and friend ship ( 6 pipes) for creativity at west ( 7 pipes) for study at north-east ( 8 pipes) and for centre part  use 5 rod wind chime
  19. Toilet at north-east, south-east and south-west are very damaging. Fix. three copper pyramid divider on the door frame of the toilet. Also keep vastu salt in the toilet.
  20. Play singing bowl or Tibetan bell in the house for positive vibrations in the house.
  21. Person will be always hot temper if bed-room is located in the  south east corner. Keep green aventurine pyramid in the south east corner to calm the aggressive vibrations.
  22. Always mop floor with vastu salt twice a week to keep house free from any negative vibrations
  23. Keep medicine in the pyramid medicine box if you are consuming regular medicines.
  24. While making a new house keep eight vastu copper pyramid on eight direction and one in the centre of the plot/apartment.
  25. Increase the positive vibrations in the house by installing vastu bricks in the all walls of the house.
  26. Any placement which is against the vastu rule can be shifted by fixing pyramid shift arrow as a virtual shifting.
  27. According to vastu,  extention of house in any direction other than north-east is highly inauspicious. Use copper pyramid strip to cut off the same.
  28. Wrong location of the water tank or borewell  can be corrected by installing 4 copper vastu pyramid around the same.
  29. Keep copper pyramid chip under each tiles of the house to make site more positive.
  30. Door, toilet or kitchen or extended corner  at south west  are major vastu defects (type-1). Keep 3 or in multiple -lead  block with lead pyramid at the south west corner.
  31. Door, toilet or extention at south east  are major vastu defects (type-1). Keep 3 or in multiple – triangular helix at the south east corner.
  32. Door  or extention at north west are major vastu defects (type-1). Keep 3 or in multiple – round brass helix with blue lapispyramid at north west corner.
  33. Toilet or kitchen or missing corner  at north-east are major vastu defects (type-1). Keep vastu mangal kalasha at north east corner. Use copper pyramid shift arrow to virtually shift the location towards the desired direction.
  34. Toilet, kitchen or pillar at centre of the premises is a serious vastu defect. It can be corrected by installed vastu super grid in the centre of the house either at ceiling or inside the flooring.
  35. For protection during the driving as well as for the car safety use  car pyramid or shri yantra on the dash board of the car.
  36. Crystal gem tree at south-east brings financial opportunities.
  37. Pair of deer on east wall indicates sound health.
  38. Always carry financial citrine stone for progress in the job as well as business.
  39. To protect from negative energy and negative people, hang black tourmaline rock above the main door. You can also wear the black tourmaline pendant for personal protection.
  40. Wear carnelian pedant for confidence and public speaking power.

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