Saturday, October 22, 2016

Shriparni -Sriparni wooden pyramid

Size- 3 Inches

Shriparni or sriparni is believed to be most auspicious wood according to ancient texts.
Many people prefer to install temple made from the shriparni wood in the home and office.

Pyramid works as an antenna to capture positive rays from the cosmic world. Hence combination of pyramid energy and a sriparni wood assures good energy around the place where it is installed.

Uses of shriparni pyramid:-
1. Keep pyramid in the cash box at home as well as office
2. Keep pyramid near the each computer in office to have a better work performance
3. Keep it near your electronic gadgets, it helps to control harmful electro magnetic waves
4. Keep it above the main door if you find your door is in negative zone as per vastu
5. Energize your food, gems , medicines by keeping under the pyramid to have positive effects
6. Excellent way to enhance academic performance by placing a shriparni pyramid near the study desk
7.  Multiple uses in vastu corrections

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