Saturday, October 22, 2016

Vastu remedies for North-East corner vastu dosha (defects)

Vastu remedies for North-East vastu dosha (defects)

Missing corner at north east:-

A. Install 3 vastu zinc helix on wall  near the missing north east zone along with 3 zinc pyramid in the flooring near cut area

B. Keep  8  pearl (moti) in the flooring at north east along with silver swastika

C. Keep painting of endless road  on wall having a missing zone. Fix vastu chips behind the painting

D. Keep shriparni shri yantra on the wall at missing corner 
E. Keep north-east corner clean and without any heavy load
F.  Always keep a water preferably in copper at north-east corner
G. Mirror in the north east corner works as a great remedy for missing corner

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