Friday, November 4, 2016

Spring Dowsing divine Scanning Rod

Spring Dowsing divine Scanning Rod

Free Dowsing pendulums and 12 dowsing charts

Spring Dowsing rod can be used for:-

Searching a water
Searching any place, object etc.
Understanding the energies on the location i.e. positive or negative
Analysing any object, place or person.
Excellent tool for vastu shastra & Feng Shui consultants
Easy tool for aura reading
Simple way to scan body aura
Our Divine Spring loaded Dowsing Spring Rod with arm length is extremely sensitive. Wooden handle with metal arm brings a new dimension to rod dowsing by adding several different movement ranges besides sideways - vertical, diagonal, clockwise andante clockwise rotation.

Dowsing, in general terms, is the art of finding hidden things. Usually, this is accomplished with the aid of a dowsing stick, rods or a pendulum..
Holding and working with your spring dowsing divining rods 
In order to search for anything using a rod, you must clear your mind and then focus very clearly on what ever it is that you are looking for. It helps to say the name of the object over and over as well as visualising it in your mind. For example if you were looking for water, you would get a picture in your head of clear, fresh water and then as you were searching for it, you would say over and over "Water, Water, Water". This helps to prevent other thoughts wandering in and it keeps the mind focused on what you are looking for.
Rod divining involves a great deal of working , as the rod will only spin when you are over what it is you are searching after guiding you to the site. Hence it can be a tiring method of divining. Still it is one of the most accurate methods of all. Particularly if you own the rod you are using. It is as if you develop a communion with the rod.
In working with the rod you are attuning to its energies and it becomes at one with you. Once you get a clear picture of what you are looking for walk slowly and gently in the direction the rods are pointing, this is the direction to what you are looking for. Walk slowly and deliberately and allow the rods to move freely. As you walk the rods will move and point to another direction, carefully turn your body and follow in this direction. Your rods are now guiding you to what you are looking for. When the reach the area of the desired object, the rods will cross over each other in front of your body, indicating they have found what you were searching for. When you first begin, it may be fun to look for easy things i.e., - take me to a particular animal or family member in the house.
Excellent tools for vastu, feng shui, reiki experts

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