Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Natural Crystal Rock- A stone of positive energy

Clear Quartz clusters are especially useful for cleaning a room or other crystals. 
Natural-quartz-crystal-for -positive-energy

A beautiful naturally occuring Clear Quartz cluster. A crystal cluster has many points bedded and they radiate positive energy out to the surrounding space and also clears the damaging energy. Clear Quartz clusters are especially useful for space clearing of the  room  
According to vastu & Feng Shui  placing this crystal at south west enhances the Earth element and remove the defect of south-west corner.
In office, place it near your desk at south west corner and you will find more positive energy at workI
Excellent for students for positive energy while making their studies. Place it near your study desk
Its like a positive energy charges- just place it near your bed and you will find a good vibrations

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