Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ishanya Zinc Pyramid-North East Vastu remedy-Set of 3

Ishanya Zinc Pyramid 

Exclusive remedy of North east corner
This helix is specially design to activate & balance the water element of north east corner.
Place this pyramids  at North east corner. Defect at north east corner is a maha vastu dosha (serious vastu defect)
Residential Vastu Correction
this is one of the best  remedy for north east corner defect like :-
1. Missing North east corner
2. Toilet at North east corner
3. Kitchen at North east corner
4. Pillar or Staircase at north east corner
5. Master Bed room at North-east
Commercial Vastu  Correction
1. Transformer or electric panel at North east

2. Machinery load at north east

3. Heavy constructions at north east

4. Any other defect at north east
Place these pyramids  at north-east corner. 
Install 3 or 9 or in multiple based on the area of the location or as per the vastu expert advice.
It can be placed one above the other or placing side by side. It can also be pasted or concealed in the wall.
Size-  1 Inch

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