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Spiral/Dancing Feng Shui Lucky bamboo plant-Good Luck Plant

feng shui spiral dacing lucky bamboo plant
Spiral/Dancing Feng Shui Lucky bamboo plant-Good Luck Plant
Nowadays you will find bamboo plants in offices, in businesses and in homes pretty much everywhere. 

Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) especially spiral bamboo is believed to attract health, prosperity and good fortune for businesses and homes. It is considered plant of good luck.
Bamboo stands upright in all seasons and in all weather, therefore it represents trust and stability
Bamboo is considered lucky in Feng Shui because it is thought to bring a peaceful and wise energy to the home, it teaches the wisdom of how to be flexible and hollow on the inside, so that the spirit can flow and heal your being.
It harmonize  your love life and brings long and peaceful life in terms of health. For people focusing on career and business, it symbolizes opportunitiesand growth. In a Buddhist view, it symbolizes graciousness, honor and virtue.
How to use:-
Put spiral bamboo sticks in the the vase with water. Replace water every 2-3 days.
Where to place:-
When placed in the east, it helps in attracting good health for family
South east is a zone of money and finance. Place  spiral bamboo plant in this corner if you wish to improve the money zone.
Place it where there is plenty of light. Do not place them to  direct sunlight as this can burn the leaves.
 Enhancing further with Five Feng Shui Elements:-
Use pebbles in the vase as a substitute for earth
Tie red colour ribbon around the spiral bamboo sticks which symbolizes fire
Put some metal coins in the vase to represent metal element
Water is used to fill the container to sustains its life
Bamboo stick itself represent wood element

Above suggestions are based on chinese feng shui/vastu mythology

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