Friday, July 5, 2013

Evil Eye Horse Shoe Hanging

Evil Eye Horse Shoe Hanging

The most popular among evil eye protection jewelry are the evil eye bracelet, evil eye pendants and evil eye hangings. These bracelets are worn by all over the world. They have a strong base in India too. Evil eye pendants and bracelets are suggested to keep you safe from evil eye. This evil eye can be referred to any person’s nasty vision that is jealous of another person. Some individuals are so full of negative energy that their energy expels out through their vision, choice of words and action. That negative energy depending on its intensity can affect another innocent person. So to keep the mind and body safe from such energies, people wear such bracelets, pendants and talismans to safe guard themselves. Also in many cultures have different practises to ward off evil.
 Negative vibes, bad energies can be from the living and the dead. We can at least understand when a fellow companion or friend is jealous of our success or happy, family life. Hang this at front door of office, home or car
 Above suggestions are based on chinese feng shui /vastu mythology.
 Highly recommended feng shui symbol

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