Friday, July 5, 2013

Feng Shui Auspicious Animal Set- Wooden + Gift

Four Animal according to Feng Shui governs the four directions i.e. East, west, north and south. From the South, the Ch'i is invigorating and lucky. This is the area of the Red Phoenix - the bird of summer and good fortune, and is ideal for all that fame.From the North, the area of the Black Tortoise, comes nurturing Ch'i is sleepy and mysterious, which matches the character of the black tortoise - the animal of the winter. The West is home to the White Tiger. This Ch'i is unpredictable and can be disruptive - great if you like adventure and surprises. The East is the quarter of the Green (or Golden) dragon. From it comes protective, kind Ch'i which brings wisdom and culture. This is why you should have your education enrichment in the east. Fix this animal set at four wall in office, home or factory to activate all four directions. 

Above suggestions are based on chinese feng shui /vastu mythology
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