Friday, July 5, 2013

Rooster-To deflect politicking & backbiting

Simply called Rooster is a powerful symbol of feng shui. The rooster is well known in the feng shui science & it is a symbol of an auspicious bringer of good fortune. The rooster’s feng shui potency are attributed to the glorious comb on its head and the sharp claws on its feet. Excellent & powerful deflectors of politicking and backbiting at the work place, roosters bring wonderful harmony to any office or workplace. Anyone in a corporate environment likely to face jealousy from colleagues and co-workers will benefit enormously from displaying this tiny but powerful rooster on the desk. So if you have started working in a high stress job, get r a rooster. The rooster can also be used for activating wonderful peach blossom luck, which attracts love Remember that you must place the rooster on the West side of your table.

Colour- Golden
Above suggestions are based on chinese feng shui /vastu mythology 
Highy recommended by Feng Shui & Vastu consultant
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