Monday, December 14, 2015

Corner Copper Pyramid- Vastu Correction

Corner Copper Pyramid- Vastu Correction

Copper Pyramid Corner- set of 4 -
Vastu Tool to bring harmony 

A tool for positive Energy

Copper Pyramid Corners- Set of 4 Corner
Discover quick and easy ways to control and use the world's oldest success tool. Many vastu defects like missing corners, extended corners, Cow face or lion face house, shop or office can not be corrected easily.
-Pyramid corners is an innovative tool which can be used easily to rectify the defect. -Extended corner can be made square by installing copper corners at ceiling
-Cow face or lion shape house can also be corrected by installing pyramid corners at ceiling to make it regular shape
-You can use it in master cabin or master bed room at four corners to make the corner more powerful

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