Monday, December 14, 2015

Jumbo Crystal Healing Wand

Jumbo Crystal Healing Wand

Crystal Increases focus and clarity. It brings clarity and focus to your spells.

It has a harmonizing effect and restores balance to energies of various kinds. It will help to decrease negativity.

Crystal is an excellent energy  stone. Directing energy with clear quartz crystal Hold a quartz crystal point or wand facing inward in your power hand (right for right handed people, left if you are left handed).

This creates a flow through the body that balances and clears energy blocks. After a few moments, change the direction of the point or wand to face outward.

A tool must for any crystal healer. 
-This is a natural quartz hence minor zirum-bubbles will appear inside the wand. 
Size 4.5  Inches  apxm
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