Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Six Face (Cheh Mukhi ) Rudraksha

Six Face (Cheh Mukhi ) Rudraksha

Six Face Rudraksha ( For will power)

Ruling Planet: Mars

Six mukhi rudraksha is the similar form of the Divine Power (Shakti) and protects the wearer from all difficult problems. Intellect of the wearer is enhanced.
To get ‘Riddhi, Siddhi’ (prosperity and success), six mukhi rudraksha provides miraculous results. Six mukhi rudraksha provides complete success and fulfills all wishes of the wearer. Six mukhi rudraksha removes poverty, and provides wealth and fortune. Hysteria, epilepsy, and diseases specific to women are cured on wearing this rudraksha. Goddess Annapurna (Goddess of food) is ever present in the house of the wearer of six mukhi rudraksha.

Mantra-“Aum Hreem Hoom Namah”
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