Monday, December 14, 2015

Saraswati Yantra -Multi Colour

Saraswati Yantra -Multi Colour

Saraswasti yantra

Size- 3 x 3

Multi colour on brass plate

Price Rs.350/-

Saraswati yantra Goddess Saraswati bestows intellect, intelligence and knowledge. Saraswati Yantra sharpens the intellect, improves grasping power, increases memory & concentration. It is a must for those who are dull-witted or have suffered breaks in their education and for those who looks for better academic performance.

This Yantra ensures success in studies and high achievement in competitive examinations. It is a known remedy for mental disorders, weak intellectual growth and lunacy. Knowledge is a power in modern age.

Everybody needs enhance their knowledge through various ways like academic pursuits & spiritual treatises etc. This will help in generating good thoughts. For acquiring spiritual power & wisdom also, the grace of Goddess Saraswati very essential.

Keep it near the study table or carry in bag
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